Our Secure Document Shredding Services

Confidential Shredding Services in Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland

Do you have boxes of documents that you no longer need to retain but which contain personally-identifiable information? Are you too busy to manage the GDPR expiration dates of your confidential documents?

At Box-it, we offer a secure shredding service for office shredding, archives stored on site, and archives stored off site. We also offer a hard-drive destruction service for your confidential IT hardware. Whether you are looking for a one-off shredding service to clear out your expired paper records or a regularly scheduled shredding collection service, Box-it provides a secure and efficient document shredding service throughout Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland for your peace of mind.


  • 'Cradle to grave' confidentiality for your records – you’ve maintained the security and confidentiality of your commercially or personally-sensitive files whilst they were active; make sure not to compromise this confidentiality by disposing of the files irresponsibly.
  • Clear clutter and create space in your offices - don't retain documents for longer than required.
  • Choose between onsite destruction (where you can monitor the shredding process) and offsite shredding (more cost-effective).
  • Collections at your convenience - we can either collect confidential waste bags or boxes on a regular basis (e.g., weekly/monthly) or as and when required.
  • Managed destruction service for stored archives - where archives are stored by Box-it, we'll retrieve each box from storage before confidentially shredding the contents, and providing a Certificate of Destruction to confirm secure disposal.
  • Competitively priced 
  • Certificate of Destruction provided following the shredding exercise - helping you to demonstrate GDPR compliance.
  • Environmentally-friendly –  the shredded remains are pulped and recycled, helping you to attain your CSR objectives.

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Secure Document Destruction in Northern Ireland and ROI

As a leading document shredding company, our experienced team understands the importance of destroying your documents securely. Our secure document collection and shredding process gives you peace of mind that only authorised members of staff handle your confidential documents.

Our archive storage and document shredding system is precise and efficient, so we always know the exact location of your documents and when they are due to be shredded. Each box of files is barcoded, and its location stored into our 24 / 7 access document storage system for quick and easy retrieval by our document destruction team.

Our Process - Confidential Waste Sack/Boxes


We supply strong polypropylene sacks (free of charge) into which you can place your confidential office paper waste.

Call or Email

Call or email our friendly team in Magherafelt or Drogehda to arrange collection.

Box It Van Facing Left

Our security-vetted driver will collect the confidential waste sacks from each office, and if you have opted for onsite shredding, will shred your documents while you wait.


If you’ve requested offsite shredding, we’ll transport your sacks back to our premises, where the contents is securely shredded.


The shredded waste is pulped and recycled.


A Certificate of Destruction is provided for your records and to confirm secure disposal of your records.

Office Shredding Services

Box-it Ireland provides convenient office paper shredding services throughout Northern Ireland and ROI. By choosing a regular waste paper collection service from Box-it, you could save space and create a more productive environment without the hassle of being surrounded by archive boxes and filing systems. We will even alert you when your boxes have reached the end of their retention period, so that you can extend their expiry date or request for them to be securely destroyed.

If you manage an office and are looking for a document shredding company, contact Box-it today for a no obligation quote by completing our contact form.

Medical Records Shredding

Our efficient and secure document shredding service safeguards patient confidentiality, protects healthcare workers against non-compliance, and reduces the amount of space used for out-of-date patient records in GP surgeries, hospitals, dental practices and other healthcare organisations throughout Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland.

For more information about our confidential shredding for medical records, contact our friendly team today by completing our contact form.

Archiving Shredding

Our document archive shredding service offers convenient offsite storage for your archive boxes, allowing you to put working employees where your boxes used to be stored, and helping manage your GDPR obligations. Providing secure archive shredding throughout Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland, our service includes storage of your archives at our secure facilities in Magherafelt and Drogheda until they reach the end of their retention period, where the client can approve destruction, ensuring you don't retain files for longer than required.

For more information about our secure archive shredding, contact our friendly team today by completing our contact form.

Hard Drive Destruction

Box-it also specialises in secure hard drive recycling. Our hard drive destruction service provides peace of mind that your confidential IT hardware is disposed of securely. If your office is looking to upgrade your computer systems and needs your hard drives securely shredded to protect client and employee information, get in touch today for a quote by completing our contact form.

Our Process - Stored Archives For Destruction

Call or Email

We’ll remind you when your archives have reached the end of their retention period, so that you can either request secure destruction or extend the expiry date.

Retrieve Documents

Upon receipt of a destruction request from an authorised member of personnel, we will retrieve the relevant boxes from storage

Scan Each Box

Each box's barcode is scanned to confirm that we have pulled the right archives.


The contents of each box is securely shredded.


The shredded waste is pulped and recycled.


A Certificate of Destruction is provided for your records and to confirm secure disposal of your records.

How We Protect Your Confidential Files
  • All staff are vetted (DBS checked)
  • Shredding vehicles are tracked, so we know exactly where your confidential files are at any given times
  • The shredding process is fully-audited and monitored
  • The onsite shredding service allows you to watch your documents being destroyed, thereby getting full peace of mind
  • A Certificate of Destruction is provided following the shredding process to confirm secure disposal and assisting with GDPR compliance
We Can Also Help With...

We also provide a choice of space-saving and secure consoles into which you can temporarily store your confidential document waste, and which are lockable. You then fill these consoles, which resemble office furniture, and we’ll collect them and shred your paper every week/month/quarter as needed, or as and when required.

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