Document Restoration Services

Fire & Water Damaged Paper Document Restoration

Has a recent fire or flood compromised your important paper business documents?

Do you need an experienced restoration company to recover and stabilise the damage and to avoid further deterioration?

Most organisations are required to retain paper copies of HR, medical, legal, and commercially-sensitive documents for a number of years, with damage or loss potentially resulting in data protection breach, compliance issues, and creating grounds for litigation. 

Through our partnership with Harwell Restoration, we offer a paper document restoration service which mitigates this risk by ensuring that damaged files are recovered, stabilised, sanitised, dried and cleaned to the extent that they are clean and safe to handle in an office environment.

  • We specialise in commercial document restoration including business records, financial documents, HR records, medical records, contracts, and invoices

  • Industry leading UK-based restoration experts restore documents to a useable and legible condition, even when seemingly irreversibly damaged

  • Fast turn-around for urgently required documents to minimise business downtime


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