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Document Scanning & Digitisation Services
in Belfast

Digital Scanning Solutions for
Belfast Businesses

At Box-it, we provide digital scanning services for businesses, GP surgeries, charities and local authorities in Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland.

If you are looking for document digitisation services for your archives or paper documents, our bulk scanning services in Belfast help you to facilitate a paper-light or paperless office.

  • Free Up Your Office Space

    Bulk scanning service to digitalise your paper documents and archive boxes, optimising your office space.

  • Improved Security for your Confidential Documents

    Scanned documents can be managed more securely to prevent unauthorised access.

  • Simple Document Retrieval

    Reduce ongoing retrieval costs by scanning your documents as and when you retrieve them.

  • Effective Disaster Recovery

    Scanning your documents results in an electronic ‘backup’ copy which can be stored in the cloud.


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Our Digital Document Scanning Solutions in Belfast

As a leading document scanning company near Belfast, our experienced team understand the importance of optimising your workspace and reducing ongoing costs of physical document retrieval. Box-it's bulk document scanning service for businesses in Belfast is the first step towards a paperless office, freeing up space and replacing bulky filing cabinets with documents which are stored online.

Our commercial document scanning services can efficiently digitalise your paper documents, helping you to build a database of documents which can be easily retrieved and shared online through cloud software such as Google Drive. Our document management system can also help draw a line in the sand by keeping existing records in paper format and scanning newly-created documents only.

Offering a variety of on demand document scanning services for your Belfast office, Box-it provides small scale and large scale paper document scanning to the cloud for businesses and organisations in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Whether you digitalise a small selection of active documents or choose our archive scanning service, we have a scanning solution to fit your budget and preference.

How Our Document Scanning & Storage Service in Belfast Works

At Box-it, we are proud to provide a hassle-free and convenient 'scan on demand' service in Belfast. As an experienced electronic document storage company in Northern Ireland, we have streamlined our service to ensure that the scanning and retrieval process of your documents is as smooth as possible.


Our team will prepare your files, removing all staples, paperclips, dog-ears and repairing tears.


We’ll scan each page, using our state of the art high speed commercial scanning software.

Audit Trail

We’ll complete quality control on the resulting digitized work to ensure that all individual pages have been scanned perfectly, and the content is fully legible.


We’ll index each scanned page, according to unique reference, file name or number, facilitating fast turnaround times for retrieval.

Box It Portal

We’ll upload the scanned images onto our industry-leading cloud-based Therefore solution, where your authorised personnel can search, view, index and download them whenever required.

Whether you need bulk document scanning services in Belfast or are looking for the best way to digitize your paper documents from your Belfast offices, Box-it provide confidential scanning services to suit your needs. With comprehensive document scanning capture software including Business Process Outsourcing, Box-it are your one-stop-shop for document scanning in Belfast.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I scan and archive documents in Belfast?

Box-it Ireland provides a comprehensive document digitization service in Belfast for businesses looking to convert paper documents to online files. Specialising in offsite bulk scanning, Box-it offers a hassle free and secure scanning service in Belfast, scanning paper contents including images and converting them into secure digital copies which can be easily accessed using our cloud-based Therefore solution.

With optical character recognition and a state-of-the-art cloud-based digital document storage solution, Box-it can copy any content including office paperwork, medical records and more to help you free up space in your office or practice.

How much does bulk scanning in Belfast cost?

If you're looking for a bulk scanning company in Belfast, Box-it can help! For more information about prices for our digital scanning services in Belfast, complete our contact form today and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss the best options for your business.

I'm looking for a document scanning company in Belfast. Can you help?

If you are looking for experienced paper scanning companies in Belfast, Box-it can help. Providing a range of commercial scanning services including bulk document scanning in Belfast, confidential scanning services in Belfast and archive scanning in Belfast, Box-it can scan, store and digitise multiple documents and records to help your office become paperless or paper-lite.

I'm looking for document scanning companies near me, can you help?

If you are looking for bulk scanning companies, document scanning for business, document imaging companies or professional paper scanning companies in Northern Ireland, we can help. Box-it provide document scanning services for businesses and organisations throughout Northern Ireland, offering the following services:

  • document scanning for small businesses in Northern Ireland
  • document scanning in Londonderry
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  • scanning and online document storage in Londonderry
  • digital scanning services near me in Londonderry
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  • bulk document scanning in Belfast
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My company has lots of medical records which need to be digitised. Can you help?

If you are looking for a medical record scanning company in Belfast, Box-it can help. Providing a range of document imaging and records management services to Belfast companies in the public health sector, Box-it is your one stop shop for digitising your paper documents in Belfast.

Where can I get my business documents scanned in Belfast?

Box-it Ireland operates an offsite document scanning and storage service throughout Belfast and Northern Ireland. If you are looking for 'document scanning near me' in Belfast, our hassle-free and secure business scanning in Belfast will provide peace of mind that your documents are stored securely online.