Secure Offsite
Document Storage
in Drogheda

Document Storage Solutions for Businesses in Drogheda

At Box-it, we provide secure offsite records storage in Drogheda for businesses, GP surgeries, charities and local authorities. If you are running out of storage space in your offices, and are looking for somewhere to store your archives, files, or paper documents, our offsite document storage
solution for businesses in Drogheda will help you to free up space, whilst allowing you to retrieve archive boxes, files, or individual documents whenever needed.

  • Replace Boxes with Functioning Spaces for Employees

    Optimise your space and replace paper with people! Freeing up your office space will increase your office’s earning potential.

  • Simple, Cost-Effective Document Retrieval

    Out of sight does not mean out of mind! Just because a file is being stored offsite does not mean you no longer have access. We can retrieve it for you whenever required, and deliver it back to your offices on a same day, next day, or economy basis. What’s more, if you’re moving towards a paperless office, we can scan the file for you and upload it directly to your EDMS.

  • Effective Disaster Recovery

    By storing your documents in our offsite secure storage facility, you provide a level of protection for your archives. If something happens to your property (fire, flood, vandalism), your documents are safe.

  • Improved Security for your Sensitive Documents

    Our CCTV monitored document storage facility can only be accessed by our trusted team. Furthermore, the retrieval of files and documents from storage can only be requested by authorised personnel


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Safe and Secure Document Storage Services in Drogheda

As a leading digital and physical document storage company near Drogheda, our experienced team understands the importance of keeping your documents secure. Our large, purpose built document storage facility is monitored 24/7 by CCTV, and features state of the art alarms and access control systems to ensure that only authorised, DBS-checked personnel have access to your files.

Our archive storage and document management system is precise and efficient, so we always know the exact location of your documents. Each box of files is barcoded, and its location stored into our 24 / 7 access document storage system for quick and easy retrieval at any time.

Additionally, our secure offsite data storage facility gives you peace of mind that if something happens to your property such as a fire, flood or theft, your documents are safe.

How Our Confidential File Storage System Works

80% of businesses never recover from a disaster such as fire or flooding due to the loss of business critical information, which is why offsite document storage is imperative to your business continuity and disaster recovery.

At Box-it, we are proud to provide a hassle-free and convenient document storage service to businesses in Drogheda and throughout the Republic of Ireland. As an experienced offsite records storage company, we have streamlined our service to ensure that the collection and retrieval process of your documents goes as smoothly as possible.

Box It Van Facing Left

Our team will collect boxed documents from your premises as and when is convenient to you, adding barcodes to each box, providing a unique reference to enable fast, accurate retrieval.

Audit Trail

We will maintain a completely transparent audit trail for your records so you can see when they were placed into storage, who retrieved them and when they were retrieved, assisting with GDPR compliance.

Box It Portal

Using the industry leading O'Neil Records Management System, we will provide an online portal through which you can view the records at Box-it, request retrieval and collection, and view each file or box’s audit trail, giving you full visibility of your information assets.

Retrieve Documents

We can retrieve your records as and when you need them on either box or file level, providing same day, next day or economy delivery options to suit your needs.

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Following retrieval, we’ll collect your records once you’re ready and return them to our secure offsite document storage facility. In the case of retrieved files, these will be returned to the box from which they were pulled.

Document Storage for Offices in Drogheda

Box-it Ireland provides convenient document storage solutions in Drogheda for offices. By storing
your archive boxes and paper documents offsite, you will save office space and create a more
productive environment without the hassle of being surrounded by boxes and filing systems. With
same day, next day and economy document retrieval, storing active documents as well as archives at
our secure storage unit is easy.

If your business has recently switched to home office working or has downsized business premises,
our document storage options are a safe and secure way to store your records without incurring
unnecessary property costs.

If you manage an office and are looking for a document storage company in Drogheda, Ireland,
contact Box-it today for a no obligation storage quote by completing our contact form. 

Medical Record Storage for GPs in Drogheda

Box-it Ireland provides convenient medical record storage solutions for GP surgeries in Drogheda and the surrounding areas in Ireland. By storing your medical records offsite, you save office space and create a more productive environment without the hassle of being surrounded by boxes and filing systems. With same day, next day and economy document retrieval services available, storing active medical records as well as inactive archives at our secure storage unit is easy.

If you are a Practice Manager or GP and are looking for a medical record storage company in Drogheda, Ireland, contact Box-it today for a no obligation quote by completing our contact form.

Document Archiving Solutions in Drogheda

Our document archive storage service for businesses in Drogheda offers convenient offsite storage for your archive documents, allowing you to put working employees where your boxes used to be stored, and helping manage your GDPR obligations. Providing a secure physical archive management service throughout Ireland, our archival paper storage service collects your historical records and important documents and securely stores them in our large archive facility for your peace of mind.

If you have a collection of archive boxes but are unsure what they contain or when they should be destroyed, we will catalogue their contents for you, facilitating retrieval and ensuring you don't retain files for longer than required. You can find out more about our Cataloguing Services here.

Box-it can also provide double-walled, stitched, and durable archive boxes to store your records in if they are not already boxed. These boxes are specifically designed for long-term storage to prevent damage.

For more information about our secure archive document storage and records management for businesses in Drogheda, contact our friendly team today by completing our contact form.

Whether you need confidential document storage offsite for sensitive files or extra room for your
archive boxes, Box-it provides document management storage solutions for companies in Drogheda
to suit your needs.

With easy retrieval, confidential document storage policies you can trust, and a comprehensive
offsite records management system including document scanning and secure shredding, Box-it is
your one-stop-shop for cost effective physical document storage in Drogheda

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