Digital Document Storage in Drogheda

Secure, encrypted digital storage for Drogheda businesses for all your business content, including emails, office documents and scanned paper records.

Want to protect your files from a cybersecurity breach or accidental deletion? Our secure electronic document storage solutions for Drogheda businesses provides peace of mind that your files won’t fall into the wrong hands, and are stored securely in case of a disaster such as a fire or flood.

At Box-it, our services include electronic storage in Drogheda for businesses, GP surgeries, charities and local authorities via our Therefore EDM (electronic document management) platform. If you are looking for a digital document storage company to help you free up office space and transition to a paperless office, Box-it can help.

  • Effective Disaster Recovery

    Our secure, cloud-based digital storage system ensures that if something happens to your computer hardware, you have a complete library of emails and documents backed-up.

  • Improved Security for your Sensitive Documents

    Our online system password protects sensitive and confidential files for your peace of mind.

  • Accessible Document Management

    Therefore offers categorisation of your documents for easy searchability and instant retrieval.


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Our Electronic Digital Storage Solutions for Drogheda Businesses

Therefore is Box-it's industry-leading EDRMS, specifically designed to help organisations host and manage their digital records. With Therefore, your business can store, access, and instantly retrieve your records whenever you need them. What's more, because it's a cloud-based system, you can view your digital documents across multiple site locations. Completely customisable, Therefore is ideal for businesses of every size who are looking for an electronic document storage solution for their files.

As a leading electronic document storage company for businesses in Ireland, our experienced team understand the importance of optimising your workspace and keeping your documents secure. Box-it's Drogheda digital file storage service is a practical and secure way to organise and store your digital documents, providing your business with a cost effective and streamlined digital storage solution that fits your budget.

Why Choose Therefore Digital Document Storage for your Drogheda Business?

This innovative system will provide your business with a cost-effective and simple-to-use solution that’s capable of streamlining processes, saving you time and money.

All of your business content, from emails, digital paper records and office documents can be stored via Therefore – allowing you to access your data in one central location.

A cloud-based solution, Therefore is fully secure and encrypted. Therefore offers a high level of traceability for all documents – providing a clear history on what has happened to each document throughout its lifetime. Therefore incorporates user defined access control to ensure full traceability of who is viewing, adding or deleting documents from the repository.

Standard modules offer you basic categorisation of documents although the product can be tailored to meet your exact search criteria and document profile.

Because Therefore is a cloud-based system, you can view your scanned documents from any location, at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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