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3 Secure Ways to Store Your Business Documents

Securely storing your business documents can be a challenge, especially if you work with sensitive or confidential files. At Box-it Ireland, we work with businesses throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic, offering bespoke document storage solutions to suit every sector and business. Our experienced team have put together the below guide outlining three secure ways to store your business documents. Which one suits your business the best?

Offsite Document Storage

Storing your documents offsite provides peace of mind that your files are kept in a secure location, preventing accidental loss or damage. Offsite storage mitigates the risk of your documents being damaged by a natural disaster such as a flood or fire, and also prevents unauthorised access your confidential files.

By storing your paper documents offsite, you could also turn storage space into a productive working space without the hassle of being surrounded by boxes and filing systems.

Scanning & Digital Document Storage

Choosing to store your documents online is great way to have instant and secure access to your files on a range of devices including your PC, laptop and smartphone. With easy retrieval and secure encryption on our Therefore document management system, our bulk scanning service digitalises your paper documents, eliminating the need for bulky storage boxes in your office.

Archive Document Storage

If your company documents contain a large number of historical files such as medical records or financial information which aren’t active but need to be kept for GDPR or legal purposes, archive document storage might be the solution for you.

Your archives can be collected, organised and stored securely off site for your peace of mind. Each box is barcoded for easy document retrieval, and the GDPR expiration dates are recorded so that you get a notification before they expire.

About Box-it Ireland

At Box-it, documents are our business, which is why we offer secure and hassle-free document storage solutions for businesses and organisations throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic. Whether you have medical records which need secure storage, or boxes of documents which you want to transform into digital files, we can help. Simply complete our contact form today, or give our friendly team a call on 02879 633298.